Introducing VYou: The First Popular Video Q&A Site

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Online video lets people share their talents with the world, make their friends laugh, promote products and more and now, with new video Q&A site VYou, it lets you ask questions and get answers from friends, strangers and even celebs. On VYou you can create your own online video persona, search for others and converse with anyone through a fun video Q&A format.

I first discovered VYou by reading a post about the site by Liz Shannon Miller of NewTeeVee. Liz points out that “one of the basic facts of human nature is that pretty much everyone likes having the opportunity to talk about themselves,” and I couldn’t agree with her more. For this reason, it isn’t a surprise that VYou is growing at such a rapid rate. Since VYou launched in beta last month they have racked up over 1 million video views.

VYou’s rapid growth could have something to do with the mix of random celebs that are answering fan questions on the site. Director Kevin Smith, Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, comedian Steve Agee and DC United midfielder Chris Pontius are just of the few big names on VYou. Click on the image below to check out Kevin Smith’s answers to fan questions on VYou.

The first thing that I thought when I read about the site was that it’s cool to be able to ask celebs questions and all, but is there any real value to this site? The conclusion that I came to is yes, that VYou has got amazing potential. VYou personalities are split amongst a huge variety of discussion topics, from gaming to creative, finance to medicine, motor racing to food & wine and everything in between.

I can see VYou becoming a fantastic forum for everything, where you can ask a question on any topic and receive an answer. You choose the person you want to ask and you receive a video response, so you know you are really getting an answer from the person you asked and not some troll in the internet community who doesn’t know jack about the subject at hand. Want to know what that weird rash on your hand is? Just pop into the medicine category and ask a doctor. Want to know which wine goes best with mango chutney? Just head over to Food & Wine and ask an expert.

Check out VYou and let us know what you think. Would you consider creating an account and answering questions from the world? Is there anyone on VYou that you’d like to start a conversation with?