VOTE: How High Will LinkedIn Shares Go?

By Jackie Cohen Comment

The professional social network LinkedIn will begin trading publicly tomorrow. And however the stock performs, it will likely further inform whether and when Facebook decides to go public.

LinkedIn will offer 7.8 million shares at $42 to $45 apiece — about $10 higher than the previously envisioned price range — which would amount to $4.25 billion or so raked in for the issuers.

That $10-per-share bump in opening price invokes comparisons of the IPOs from 2000 or so. Others point to the 2004 opening of Google trading.

Some quant jocks believe the shares have an overly steep price relative to revenues, but the strong performance of the Chinese social network RenRen in its May 4 IPO appears likely to give LinkedIn stock some momentum.

Regardless of what you want to compare the potential to, shares with the ticker LNKD will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow.

How do you think they will fare by the end of the trading day and thereafter? Please let us know your opinion by participating in our poll below and sharing your voting rationale in the comments section. Please be sure to check back here later to see how the rest of the votes tally.