Facebook Adds Voice To Android, IOS Messenger Apps

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has been constantly tweaking its mobile applications, but the newest change may be one of the biggest additions — voice messaging. The social network released updates to its stand-alone Messenger apps for iOS and Android Thursday that include the ability to send voice messages. Facebook also announced that it is testing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) within the iOS version of Messenger — but only for Canadian users.

Users can tap the plus button next to the box where they’d write a message, then tap “record,” and hold down the record button to leave the message. When the message is ready to go, release the button. Letting go of the button sends the message to the recipient, while sliding off it cancels the message.

Here’s the iOS screenshot, courtesy of Facebook:

And here’s what it looks like on Android:


Facebook also noted that it is testing VoIP within the iOS Messenger app for Canadians. Those users can open conversations with the people they want to call by tapping the “i” button in the top right corner, then tapping “Free Call.” Both parties need to have the newest version of the app in order for it to work. VoIP functionality uses the existing data plan.

Click here to get the iOS version of Messenger.

Click here to get the Android version of Messenger.

Readers: Do you think you’ll utilize Messenger to send voice messages?