Can Turn Your Resume into an Infographic

By Devon Glenn 

Before the advent of social media, a one-page resume typed up with a simple font and printed on white paper was good enough for most employers. Now that resumes can be viewed online, simplicity is even more important.

Data visualization platform now connects to LinkedIn to instantly turn the contents of your professional profile into an infographic. There are a few templates to choose from: none of them are plain old white, but they all organize the data in a clean, logical order.

All of the essentials are there: your name, your work history, your skills, and your education.

What this resume will show that a traditional resume will not is information about your connections. The infographic will list the top 5 industries of the people who are in your network on LinkedIn.

Your connections also will influence the look of your resume. Recently, LinkedIn rolled out Endorsements as a quicker way for colleagues to recommend each other’s work. In the infographic, your skills appear larger or smaller depending on how many of your LinkedIn connections have clicked to endorse the skill set you have listed on your profile. It updates in real time, so this can change.

As for your work history, LinkedIn does not understand your resume as well as you do. The system will make a guess as to which industry you belong in based on your previous jobs. If you find yourself listed in the “Marketing and Advertising” industry when you should be in “Online Media” or “Newspapers,” it’s time to update your profile.