Virtual Goods Summit – “It’s Still Possible for an Indie Developer to Launch A Successful Facebook Title”

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

5 small-sized social game companies took the stage at Virtual Goods Summit to discuss the various truths and falsehoods related to the social games sphere.

The first question was whether a good Facebook game automatically makes a good iPhone game. The group almost unanimously said no, except for Phil Shenk from Gravity Bear. Each game requires tweaking for the individual platform’s strengths. Sometimes the faster, more basic Facebook games are too simple for Facebook, said Luis Ongil from GameDuell.


Second question was “Facebook Credits will convert more people to paid users” and most people said true. Robert Winkler from 5th Planet Games explained that it certainly reduces friction, and it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t convert more people to paying for virtual goods. Frederic Descamps from A Bit Lucky explained how they used FB Credits and how it worked for them and they have seen higher conversion rates by using Facebook Credits. Luis explained that there are a lot of first time people using Facebook Credits, even though they have to pay more because publishers have to pay 30% to Facebook.


“It’s still possible for an indie developer to launch a successful Facebook title.” Surprisingly, every developer on the panel said it was true. Innovation still trumps, and great innovation will push good games to the front. Frederic mentioned Minecraft, which made $5 million in 3 weeks!


The panellists moved on to answer a series of interesting other questions, and we’ll post a link to the video once its produced, in the future.