Virtual Goods Summit: Deborah Liu from Facebook Announces More Facebook Credits Opportunities for Developers

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

Deborah Liu from Facebook announced that they will be opening up Facebook Credits to more developers in the next 6 weeks, and starting today they’ll be supporting a variety of new ways to pay for Credits by partnering with PlaySpan. 

Deborah Liu just announced that there will be 20 new payment options for people to buy Facebook credits, and to do this they’re partnering with PlaySpan.  The announcement didn’t come with much extra detail, but a blog post from Facebook has some additional news.  The credits will be able to be purchased through all types of International options and many at home, including gift cards from Target.

Deborah explained that the goal with Facebook Credits is as can be expected, and a Universal Currency is what’s expected.  She mentioned that “Facebook Credits are now used in more than 200 games and applications on Facebook from more than 75 developers.”

This is big for PlaySpan, and we’ll get some information from them when we can!