Viral Video Law #4: News Bloopers Are Golden

By Megan O'Neill Comment

News BloopersThere is nothing quite as contagious as the joy seen on the face and heard in the voice of the man who “just won a sh*tload of money” in the BBC clip that has been circulating the Internet this morning. The video, which was posted yesterday by failblog, already has over 238,000 views and is sure to get even more by the day’s end. What makes this clip especially funny is that it is not something you would expect to hear on a news channel as professional and prestigious as the BBC. It follows in a long line of news bloopers that have gone viral on the web.

The video shows a BBC reporter waiting to give the live results of the Cheltenham Gold Cup horserace. Before he can announce the winner, a man who apparently bet on the winner, Imperial Commander, erupts into excited shouting and language that is not quite fit for the BBC, but you can’t always control the appropriateness of the crowd when you’re broadcasting live!

A lot of great viral web video content is gleaned from live news television, be it an argument between an anchor and reporter, a cockroach climbing up a weatherman’s pants, a renegade sledder knocking down a reporter or live footage of a reporter getting just a little too close for comfort to some pooping birds.

People love watching the perfect, unplanned moments captured by live news television. Do you have any favorite viral news bloopers?