Vineloop Pushes Its Trusted Recommendations System in Redesign

By Cameron Scott 

recommendations, trustline, mobile apps, social commerceVineloop, a social recommendations app for iOS, launched an update today that rejiggers its user experience to focus on the trusted recommendations system that the company think sets it apart.

The app allows users to read and share reviews in nine categories. Users can follow as many people as they want, but they can promote only five people per category to their trusted recommenders list, or Trustline.

If Jack adds Jill to his Trustline, he can also access her trusted recommenders and theirs, in turn. The system forces people to decide who gives the best recommendations, and establishes paths between one user and those who know a lot about the topic.

“Mark Zuckerberg said about a year ago that the trusted recommendation is the most powerful form of advertising, and Vineloop is all about trusted recommendation,” co-founder and co-CEO Lou Vastardis said.

Vineloop boasts a higher proportion of users — 70 percent — who create reviews than many recommendation services. The company declined to state how many users it has, however.

Vineloop supports commerce within the app through partnerships with major e-tailers like Amazon. As the company begins trying to monetize, it hopes that an active user base will mean higher conversion rates for sellers.

Vineloop has patents pending on Trustlines but is moving toward an API that would let services that rely on recommendations, such as Netflix, use the system.