Vine Aims for Instagram with Update Onslaught

By Mary C. Long 

VineImportVideos650It seems as if there is no end in sight to the competition between two popular video-sharing social media platforms — and their parents. Instagram (Facebook’s adorable toddler) and Vine (Twitter’s unruly teenager) have been neck and neck with updating their platforms and adding new features constantly. You can read about Instagram’s latest and greatest, futuristically named Hyperlapse, here, but let’s see how Vine measures up.

Recently, Vine made it easier to share Vines in attempt to one-up Instagram. But that was LAST week. This week, with Vine’s newest update, you can shoot, import, edit and share, like so:

Vine’s new camera feature encourages “creative freedom” with so many new ways to edit your six-second videos. You are no longer limited to merely what you film and having to use that footage. Now you can import videos that are saved to your phone and even mix more than one video together (finally!).

Editing abilities are seemingly endless. You can duplicate or move scenes around in your video, mute parts of the video and simply preview and undo edits. There is a new wrench icon, which contains a second layer of camera tools. These include:

  • Grid
  • The focus look
  • Ghost mode
  • Torch feature (shoot videos in low light settings)

You can check out what people have done with the new features by searching #vintagevine or simply click here.

Readers: With these new updates from each camp (and awesome, competing features), are you #teamvine or #teaminstagram?