Vimeo Plus Increases HD Support From 2GB To 5GB

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Vimeo is known for being a hub for creativity and is the top pick for many-a-filmmaker looking for the ultimate place to show off their skills. However, users wanting to upload longer films, complex animations or HD videos have often fallen pray to the 2GB upload limit Vimeo had imposed upon users. Well Vimeo Plus users, kiss your upload woes goodbye because Vimeo has now increased their upload limit, allowing users to use their full 5GB weekly quota on a single video.

According to Vimeo’s Blake Whitman, who announced the new Vimeo Plus upload limit on the company blog, “terribly boring and uncool technical issues” have prevented Vimeo from being able to let members upload larger files in the past. But they’ve finally made a huge breakthrough and 5GB uploads have arrived.

For now the new upload limits have been launched in Beta and Vimeo is asking users to bear with them as they iron out bugs and kinks in the service. But this is a great leap forward for content creators on Vimeo. As Whitman puts it:

“This update is great for many reasons: it means filmmakers can upload full-feature films in HD, parents can upload an entire soccer game, and your Aunt Martha can upload 2.5 hours of HD video of her cat taking a nap! Also, people who don’t want to waste time compressing videos before uploading them can finally skip that step if they wish and upload videos directly from the camera. This should increase video quality on the site even further and give Plus members the flexibility they need.”

I for one hope we’ll be seeing more full-feature films and less footage of Aunt Martha’s cat. Ever since YouTube megastar Ryan Higa uploaded his 35-minute film to YouTube the gears in my head have been churning as I think about the amazing possibilities of more long-form content on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to be able to watch full-length features on Vimeo created by talented filmmakers from around the globe.

The increase in Vimeo Plus HD upload support is yet another step in the right direction for the online video site. They recently announced huge growth in 2010 and this added benefit for Vimeo Plus users, as well as the recent launch of the Vimeo Video School are sure to skyrocket the company to an even more successful 2011!