VigLink Generates Revenue For Facebook Page Owners Through Link Posts

By Justin Lafferty 

There has been much discussion over what kinds of posts are best to grab the attention of fans (and break through Facebook’s post-sorting algorithm), but a service hopes to give something back to page administrators when they share links. Newly rebranded VigLink Anywhere (formerly just a part of VigLink) helps generate revenue for pages whenever Facebook fans click on shared links and make purchases.

VigLink announced Monday that it has rebranded itself and rebuilt its website. The service integrates with Facebook to generate revenue for page admins whenever users click through link they’ve shared to make purchases. Now VigLink Anywhere is the name of the social media-specific tool that is used.

Oliver Roup, founder and CEO of VigLink, spoke with AllFacebook about how the service can help Facebook page admins:

A page that writes about certain topics — for example, a Facebook baseball card page — can then link to the product that they’re talking about through Viglink Anywhere, which lets the author get paid when a reader clicks through on Facebook, to eBay (or another site) … Generally, our customers aren’t really advertisers, but who we think of as content authors. So the communities that exist on Facebook, like the baseball card one, the authors there are writing content rather than buying ads. We can permit the content to be monetized through the technology we’ve built.

Several pages have already been using VigLink’s technology. Rich Menga, a musician who runs a Facebook page, has found that VigLink has helped him generate some money when he posts links. He shared in an email with AllFacebook his experiences using the technology:

I love the fact that the vast majority of VigLink Anywhere short links work properly on Facebook and generate the appropriate product image thumbnail. That’s a big deal. Images work on Facebook, no question, and for the vast majority of vendors, those thumbnails get generated properly.

I also love the fact I can get very niche-specific and link to stuff through VigLink that my audience actually cares about. And if I need to hop between different retailers to do that, no problem.

Using a promoted post Facebook feature, even if you use the bare minimum $5 option, works well when linking to a product using VigLink anywhere. You can make your money back relatively easily, plus a whole lot more, depending on what you link to.