Facebook Adds Video Views Objective For Video Ads, Reach And Frequency Campaign Model

By David Cohen 

VideoViewsObjective650Advertisers on Facebook will have some new toys to play with “in the coming weeks,” as the social network announced that brands running video ads will be able to choose video views as an objective for their campaigns, as well as take advantage of two solutions to direct Facebook users to additional content, and all advertisers will be able to plan their campaigns using the traditional broadcast model of reach and frequency.

Facebook said in a post on the Facebook for Business page that the video views objective will be added to its Ads Create Tool, Power Editor, and its ads application-programming interface, adding that ads created using that objective will automatically be optimized to be shown to Facebook users who are most likely to view videos, across devices and target audiences.

Describing the two new solutions to drive video viewers to additional content, the social network wrote:

First, advertisers who work with a Facebook account representative can work with us to create audiences of people who have already watched their videos. Ads can be created for those specific people, helping to move them from awareness to affinity and consideration.

A second way advertisers can encourage people to engage more deeply with their brand and products is by adding a call to action inviting people to learn more and visit a destination of their choice, like a specific page on a website, after viewing the video.


And Facebook Product Manager for Ads Fidji Simo weighed in on the expanded capabilities for video ads, saying:

Advertisers have already been seeing great success with our video ads on Facebook, both with our regular video ads, as well as premium video ads. With these new enhancements, marketers can take people on an even deeper journey with their brand, by encouraging people to take an action right after they’ve watched a video, and sending them a targeted brand message later on.

As for the reach and frequency campaign model, Facebook pointed out that traditional broadcast campaigns are planned and purchased by the number of people advertisers can reach and how many times this can happen, saying of the model’s addition to the social network:

Today we’re also introducing the ability for advertisers with Facebook account representatives to predictably reach a significant number of people and control message frequency.

Now, advertisers who utilize Facebook’s reach and frequency buying will be able to predictably manage audience sizes and the number of times their ads will be shown to those audiences.

And because Facebook targeting is based on real people and not cookies (or other identity proxies), we can more accurately control the reach and frequency across devices to better help advertisers achieve their business goals.

Facebook also added feedback from Starcom MediaVest Group Senior Vice President of Social Media Kevin Lange:

We are excited by the capability to precisely align Facebook media delivery with the reach and frequency levels that deliver business results for our clients. We look forward to continued partnership with Facebook to make buying easier and more effective; reach-based planning is an important piece of this.

Readers: What do you think of the new features Facebook is introducing for advertisers?