REPORT: Launch Of Facebook Video Ads Delayed

By David Cohen 

The video ads Facebook originally planned to launch this month or in July are now on hold until at least mid-October, Ad Age reported, with sources telling the magazine more development is needed on new features the social network plains to release simultaneously with its video ads.

One of those new features, according to Ad Age, is the incorporation of metrics from Nielsen that would provide reach estimates in terms of gross ratings points, including for ads that were viewed without audio having been activated.

Ad Age reported in April that Facebook was offering advertisers four daily slots, aimed at women and men over 30 and under 30, respectively, which would be limited to 15 seconds. According to Ad Age, Facebook users would see a maximum of three video ads per day, likely in an auto-play format and in a video player that expanded beyond News Feed.

Sources with knowledge of the product told Ad Age some Facebook sales executives are pushing for the social network to launch the product immediately and add new features at a later date, but it does not appear that Facebook will yield to their wishes.

The going rate for the video ads, according to Ad Age, was $1 million for a specific demographic, and up to $2.4 million for units that would be seen by all U.S. users.

eMarketer Principal Analyst Debra Aho Williamson told Ad Age:

From a business perspective, Facebook would want to roll out this type of advertising more quickly, but it has to weigh that against how its users feel. Facebook has to be really careful about not overweighting the News Feed with advertising.

Readers: How do you think video ads on Facebook will be received when they are finally launched?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.