Instagram Brand Platform Venueseen Becomes Seen, Launches Snapfluence Network

By David Cohen 

SeenLogoVenueseen, a platform via which brands can launch, promote, and track campaigns on Instagram and Twitter, officially changed its name to Seen Tuesday and announced the launch of its Snapfluence network, which brings together Instagram influencers.

Seen enables brands to create hashtag-driven campaigns on Instagram and Twitter and manage the content generated by users of those social networks via custom, automated responses. Brands can also collect and manage users’ contact information.

Now the platform is taking things to the next level with Snapfluence, which began accepting sign-ups from both brands and influencers Tuesday.

Snapfluence will then match brands and influencers, either for one-time campaigns or long-term ambassador programs. Seen said influencers benefit by connecting with brands they feel passionate about, as well as from the potential of payment, free products, and exposure.

Brands, meanwhile, can more easily identify Twitter and Instagram users they should be connecting with.

Seen said in a blog post announcing its name change and rollout of Snapfluence:

Through working with these companies, we’ve learned that one of the biggest challenges for brands is effectively activating their campaigns. That’s why today we’re launching Snapfluence, a new influencer network that will connect brands with targeted, popular Instagram users who are already living the brand’s lifestyle. In addition to launching Snapfluence, we’re also changing our name to Seen to better reflect how our full suite of products gives brands the tools to run more strategic, effective photo campaigns.

Social media shouldn’t be about amassing likes or comments. It’s time to move beyond that and embrace “real marketing” — real content created by real fans providing real results. And that’s what Seen and Snapfluence empower brands to accomplish.

Readers: Do you feel passionate enough about any brands to become influencers for them?