Vancouver Riots Spoof Cements Vancouver’s Shame On YouTube…Forever

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Sorry Vancouver Canucks fans, but nobody is going to forget your shameful rioting anytime soon, at least not if social media has anything to say about itPictures and video of the riots are spreading like wildfire (or should we say “riot” fire?) on Twitter, Facebook and beyond and this morning a spoof travel ad for British Columbia is climbing the YouTube charts, cracking a major joke about the Vancouver riots at the expense of British Columbia as a whole.

‘Super, Natural British Columbia’ cuts together riot footage with an advertisement for British Columbia, letting travelers know all about why British Columbia is such a magical and amazing travel destination.  “It’s big, beautiful, laidback, sophisticated…it doesn’t get more West coast that this.”

Within a matter of hours, Canada went from being known as one of the most peaceful and laidback places on earth to a breeding ground for crazies setting fires, looting, jumping on cars and knocking over cops and this video perfectly demonstrates the strange oxymoronic qualities of the riots.  The video has been viewed just over 84,000 times so far, but is sure to continue racking in the views in the coming hours and days.

It’s unfortunate that the strange decisions and actions of a pretty small group of diehard hockey fans have brought so much negative attention on Vancouver, but the video sure did make me chuckle.  Check it out below and let us know what you think.  Boy, Canadians sure are serious about their hockey!

Image via Esquire

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