Using Social Media to Help the Somalia Famine Crisis

By Kenna McHugh Comment

SocInteract represents an effective use of social media to raise funds and give back to the community. Targeting a global audience will allow people and organizations from all over the world to raise money for the Somalia famine crisis.

United Nations sanctioned the famine crisis on July 20th: world’s ‘worst humanitarian disaster.’ The Guardian reports, “Africa’s leaders have been criticized for their slow response to drought warnings, but private donations win praise.”

What I like about this site is that it consolidates all fundraising efforts into one place to go for any organization or individual who chooses to donate to the Somalia Famine crisis.

There are 2 ways that users can sign up:

-The United Nations can have a group specifically for them where the users can sign up and choose to donate to the United Nations.

-All nonprofit and profit organizations participating in fundraising for Somalia can be assigned a group on the website along with a link to their specific website.

The money raised by SocInteract will be over and above what any nonprofit organization is already raising or will raise. The user for SocInteract is a regular individual who does not want to make a large financial commitment. The social network will go to work and generate many more donors. The users will be inviting their friends and family to join building a Somalia social network. One person signing up could mean many more people being invited and donating to Somalia.

SocInteract is using social media in a positive approach, raising money through a social network. The users will be socializing for a cause while helping resolve the crisis in Somalia. Any group of people can participate and utilize the funds raised to go towards the Somalia famine crisis.