Updates to Facebook Mentions App for Public Figures

By David Cohen Comment

FacebookMentions2Phones650Public figures with access to the Facebook Mentions application can now use the app to share via Instagram and Twitter, and add topics to their Mentions feeds.

Product manager Allison Swope announced the new features in a Facebook Media blog post, adding that there are now 2 billion weekly interactions on Facebook between public figures and their fans.

Swope offered more details on the new features:

After posting to Facebook via Mentions, you can now easily share updates, photos and videos to Instagram and Twitter.


Now you can add topics that you’re interested in — like other people and hashtags — to your Mentions feed. By adding a topic, you’ll be able to see public posts about that topic in your feed, in addition to posts that mention you. For example, if you’re an athlete, you can add your team or other players. If you’re a musician, you can add your band.


Readers: What are your thoughts on the updates to Facebook Mentions?