Facebook Announces Updates To Ads Manager Reports

By David Cohen 

Facebook continued its efforts to simplify its advertising products, this time turning its attention to the reports generated by its Ads Manager and announcing several updates to those reports.

The rollout of these updates will occur in typical Facebook fashion – “gradually, with full availability expected in the coming weeks.”

The social network detailed the changes to its Ads Manager reports in a post on the Facebook Studio blog:

Facebook’s Ads Manager provides campaign management, optimization, and reporting features to help marketers build effective ad campaigns. Much like our recent updates to page insights, we’re making Ads Manager easier to use and more actionable. We think these updates will help advertisers measure the performance of their campaigns in real-time so they can build even more effective future campaigns on Facebook.

Specifically, we’re updating Ads Manager reports so that marketers can:

More easily customize, save and schedule ad reports: Marketers can now choose the Facebook ad metrics they want to include in a report; break out the data how they want it; drag and drop to organize columns; and save, export, and schedule their reports for delivery. This means that rather than pulling separate reports for ad spend and data such as cost per page like, cost per offer claim, and cost per conversion, marketers can now get all of the data they need in one place.

More effectively measure reach and other key metrics: We know that maximizing reach is critical to driving return on investment for marketers. That’s why we’re now giving marketers the ability to measure reach and frequency across any date range for their ad, campaign, or ad account. It’s now also easier for marketers to measure other unique metrics including unique clicks, unique click-through rate (CTR), cost per unique click, cost per 1,000 people reached, and people taking action (the number of unique people who took an action such as a page like, website conversion, application install, etc.).

Break out performance by demographics, placement and country: Ads Manager reports now break down ad, campaign, and account performance by age, gender, country, or placement (where their ad shows on Facebook). For example, marketers can now easily identify if their campaigns are more effective with men or with women and then optimize accordingly to maximize their performance.

Readers: Will these changes prove to be helpful?