Which Brands’ Facebook Apps Are Tops In MAUs?

By David Cohen 

The Ad Makeover application from Dove blows away the competition among apps from brands on Facebook in terms of monthly active users, far outdistancing the second-place app, Windows 8 from Microsoft, according to a new report on brand apps from social benchmarking platform Unmetric.

Unmetric used its recently launched Facebook Apps Performance Platform — a Facebook app benchmarking solution that connects brand app data to brand Facebook page data — to find that Dove’s The Ad Makeover tallied 461,492 MAUs, with Windows 8 at 376,969.

The company also found that Lipton has the most Facebook apps (active and inactive) of any brand, with 12, followed by a five-way tie with 11 apiece between Maybank, Coca-Cola, BMW, Gucci, and Dove.

Unmetric Co-Founder and CEO Lux Narayan said:

Facebook apps give brands an opportunity to be more strategic, creative, and relevant with their engagement efforts on social. The problem is that too many brands are flying blind, unsure of what apps will work for their audiences. This is why there are 10 lifeless apps for every one that goes viral. With the Facebook App Performance Platform, brands now have access to a one-of-a-kind, competitive intelligence platform that helps them cut through the clutter and determine what apps really work.

More details from Unmetric’s report follow:

Top Apps (Active and Inactive) by MAUs:

  1. Dove, The Ad Makeover: 461,492
  2. Windows, Windows 8: 376,969
  3. Lay’s, Lay’s Do Us A Flavor: 317,836
  4. Intel, Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure: 277,938
  5. Sony Mobile India, Sony Xperia: 116,324

Highest Average App MAU by Sector:

  1. Mobile devices and handsets: 5,712
  2. Technology: 3,181
  3. Personal care: 2,453
  4. Media (print): 2,331
  5. Home care: 1,795

Top Media (Print) Apps by Average MAU (Sector Average: 2,331):

  1. The Washington Post, Washington Post Social Reader: 100,000
  2. Entertainment Weekly, EW Exclusive Content: 50,000
  3. Teen Vogue, Teen Vogue — Like to Win: 10,000
  4. Better Homes & Gardens, BHG — Pets We Love: 3,857
  5. Food & Wine, Food & Wine: 3,785

Readers: How often do you interact with apps created by brands on Facebook?