Facebook Faces Another Patent Suit

By David Cohen 

Facebook was hit with another patent-infringement suit, this time from Eolas Technologies, which licensed four interactive technology patents from the Regents of the University of California, and the university.

Reuters reported that the university was issued four patents for interactive technology, including hypermedia display and interaction, which it then licensed to Eolas, with a university spokesman calling the patents public assets and telling Reuters:

(The university) should be paid a fair value when a third party exploits that university asset for profit.

A Facebook spokesman responded to Reuters by saying that the lawsuit was without merit and issuing the obligatory declaration:

We will fight it vigorously.

Walmart and Disney were also named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by the University of California and Eolas Technologies, and a Walmart spokesman told Reuters:

We take these allegations seriously and are looking into the matter.

Reuters also reported that two of the patents involved were declared invalid by a Texas jury in February in a separate lawsuit involving Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and other companies.

Readers: Do you think this lawsuit will suffer a similar fate to other patent litigation brought against Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.