Facebook Marketing Developer Unified Debuts Social Operating Platform Summer 2012 Edition

By David Cohen 

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Unified Wednesday announced the rollout of what it said will be quarterly updates to its Social Operating Platform, highlighted by its Amplet suite of applications.

Two things stood out immediately during a demonstration of Social Operating Platform Summer 2012 Edition. First, it was apparent that the platform was designed with a clear focus on advertisers and agencies, as a platform that enables advertising across Facebook and other social networks. Second, the data provided on its dashboards, and the ability by users to manipulate those data, such as by tweaking their budgets and what they were willing to pay per impression, presented powerful possibilities.

Social Operating Platform Summer 2012 Edition is available immediately to all Unified clients, and its new features enhance support for native, premium, and mobile advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, YouTube, Pinterest and other major social networks, as well as mobile and Web units.

The new Amplet app suite from Unified enables advertisers and publishers to deploy, manage, and track ads and editorial content across Facebook and the other social networks via a single dashboard, with the value of their campaigns determined by the platform’s Earned Media Action Framework, which converts the various analytics from all of the social networks into an easy-to-understand statistic: dollars and cents.

Advertisers can use Amplet to support social ads, display ads, landing page, social page apps, and website modules, while content creators can manage articles, editorial content, videos, images, photo galleries, slide shows, and infographics.

Other new features that were introduced as part of Social Operating Platform Summer 2012 Edition include:

  • A planning app that provides Unified clients with full management of requests for proposals, campaigns, and real-time social action-based pricing.
  • A buying and optimization app that allows users to buy media across all social networks, after which Unified tests thousands of creative combinations to determine the most cost-effective options.
  • An insights app that offers access to real-time insights, reporting, and measurement analytics.

Unified Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jason Beckerman said:

The Unified vision has always been to first build a technology platform that scales to meet the needs of enterprise chief marketing officers and chief information officers, and then build applications on that platform that activate success. Today, we’re enhancing our core platform and introducing applications that benefit anyone who wants to achieve social success at scale.