Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Unified Debuts Fall 2012 Social Operating Platform

By David Cohen 

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Unified launched the fall 2012 edition of its Social Operating Platform Monday, with its adMonitor application highlighting the list of new features.

Unified said adMonitor “provides a central system of record with real-time transparency into media buying, tactics, and performance of any Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, including creative, targeting, copy, and media costs, and Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jason Beckerman added in an interview with AllFacebook:

adMonitor is a system of record that allows any Facebook PMD that runs ads or insights into our system and lets clients test which are the most effective. We believe it can be a game-changer for the industry. It allows the little guys in the Facebook PMD ecosystem to have their shot at being tested.

Another new feature of the SOP Fall 2012 Edition is Amplet Builder, which allows marketers to simultaneously create amplets for social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and YouTube. Beckerman said users can generate multiple actions using Amplet Builder, including Facebook comments boxes, share buttons, and Facebook Connect buttons, adding that marketers can also track conversions from URLs and flag them as media value or revenue. Beckerman added in the news release announcing SOP Fall 2012 Edition:

Amplets built on the Social Operating Platform have dramatically increased the social reach of several global marketing campaigns, and Amplet Builder will allow more marketers to take advantage of social amplification. When Amplets are combined with our Brand ROI Timeline, marketers can create earned value and measure it in ways that have never been possible before.

And the new Brand ROI Timeline enables marketers to aggregate the earned value of all of their online and offline marketing investments in a timeline view, rather than at the individual marketing campaign level, with audience reporting across all major social platforms and analytics for Facebook posts. Beckerman said:

Every paid campaign can have a return on investment score assigned to it based on the performance of that campaign. Now we can show how the performance happens over years. All of these data are integrated into one feed.