How 5 Industries Convert Facebook Clicks Into Fans

By David Cohen 

MouseClick650Enterprise marketing technology provider Unified cited four industries that excelled at converting clicks into fans in its October 2013 Facebook Advertising Benchmarks study — cellular and telco, gaming, desktop software, and alcohol — and Unified also pointed out that food ads are 58 percent more likely to be clicked than the average ad on the social network.

Unified examined 14 industries in the study, and here is what it had to say about the ones it highlighted:

  • Cellular and telco: Advertisers in this category acquired fans at a rate 91 percent cheaper than the overall average, and Unified pointed out that Facebook users tend to be passionate about their device choices, to the point of calling out other users who disagree.
  • Gaming: Game developers benefit from a product that is targeted toward a highly engaged niche audience. Unified noted that the gaming category primarily referred to console gaming, and mobile application install ads were not included.
  • Desktop software: Technology-based products tend to be well-received on Facebook. Games and mobile app install ads were not included in this category, according to Unified.
  • Alcohol: Unified found alcohol to be a study in contrasts, as users who are reluctant to click on ads for alcohol are offset by users who are willing to do so and usually tie themselves to brands, lowering the average cost of building a fan base.
  • Food: Food brands delivered the highest click-through rates of any vertical, and the strongest-performing ads tended to be those with pictures of the food.

Readers: Were you surprised by any of Unified’s findings?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.