Facebook Friend Trackers That Really Work (Mostly)

By Mary C. Long 

UnfriendNotify650Wouldn’t it be great if you could know when someone unfriends you? Facebook apparently doesn’t want you to know when someone unfriends you, though, so it’s not easy to sort out (short of keeping a separate running list and checking it periodically for the missing). But I have two friend trackers you can try.

What is this magic of which I speak? The first, and most fun (in my opinion), is the Chrome extension called Unfriend Notify. And it works most of the time, which, honestly, is good enough for me!

According to its description, you’ll get notified “when you lose a friend on Facebook.” Billing itself as “the original solution!” it promises:

The best part about it? Getting this little pop-ups when unfriended (this was a test, he’s still a friend):

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.41.52 PM


The second-best part is that it keeps a running list (right on your Facebook friends tab) of folks who have unfriended me, so I’ll be forever reminded of their betrayal. This list also shows folks YOU have unfriended, so keep that in mind:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 4.59.32 PM

The worst part about it? Unreliable –sometimes the notifications come through, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they can take days before registering. But if used in conjunction with Who Deleted Me, you’ll have a pretty complete solution (caveat coming). It will provide a deleted list, tracking friend status when:

  1. You have deleted them.
  2. They have deleted you.
  3. They have deactivated their Facebook account.
  4. They have disallowed access to their data by applications.

That last one is important: If your friend doesn’t let apps access his/her data, then this app won’t be able to either, and you’ll never know if/when these folks delete you. But it’s probably safe to assume that most friends won’t know how to turn app access off, so you can expect this option to be fairly accurate.

Readers: Will you try out these options, or are you of the “I don’t care” variety (meaning, those “lying to themselves” type of folks)?