Unborn Texas Baby Has 268 Facebook Friends

By Ruth Manuel-Logan Comment

Marriah Greene has not even made her entrance into the world yet and already she has a Facebook page and 268 friends. Go figure!

The little Greene to come’s parents Ellie and Matt created the page for their unborn child to spread the word about the joys of their pregnancy to friends and family via status updates, according to WGAL.

On day one of starting the account, Marriah had 100 friends. The Texas couple are thrilled that folks everywhere are sending well wishes their way, many, even speak directly to baby Marriah.

Wall comments from friends and family are a welcoming daily read such as:

  • “Can’t wait to see you and hold you.”
  • “Beautiful girl, can’t wait to see you!”

The unborn baby has even taken to responding to folks:

  • “I cannot believe I am on CNN and all over the world!”
  • “IKEA is fun, mom is doing the shopping thing again. What is she going to get me now?”

Marriah even has a profile. The unborn’s interests run the gamut from swimming, to Baby Bach and Lady Gaga, to sucking her thumb. Marriah’s dad is her favorite athlete and she even lists God as her employer.

The expectant parents plan to continue updating Marriah’s page until she arrives.

What better way to celebrate the creation of life than with a Facebook page! What do you think about this, readers?