Umbel Helps Brands Decipher the Massive Amounts of Facebook User Data Available to Them

By David Cohen 

Umbel650The amount of user data available to brands on Facebook is staggering, but how can they make sense out of all the information and ensure that their campaigns are targeting the users who are most likely to be interested in their products and services? That’s where Umbel comes in.

Umbel CEO H.O. Maycotte spoke with AllFacebook about his company’s “passion for data,” and how it strives to make those data usable for brands on Facebook. He started by saying:

Our vision is to help companies make data the most valuable asset they own. Most companies have no real grip on who their real consumers are. All of the data about the customer journey is very fragmented.

Maycotte addressed privacy concerns over its handling of data on Facebook users by saying:

Our compliance system makes sure all of the rules are being followed, depending on the data and the network. We would never touch a third-party cookie. We would never take publicly available data.

We put data right back into Facebook, via our access to its application-programming interface. We are collecting data at the individual level.

Facebook is taking an active stance at limiting the data you can take about the consumer.

As for what those data can mean to brands on Facebook, he said:

They’re having a data awakening, but they have absolutely no control over it. The primary return on investment comes from acquiring new users or activating existing users

Facebook is hands-down the best place in the world to fish for new customers using a data-driven strategy. It’s about knowing your customer and knowing the user you’re trying to reach in a real authentic way.

Umbel also offered some success stories on how brands on Facebook have used its services:

  • Event ticket seller Transmission Events used Umbel’s digital genome platform to increase unique website views, grow its audience (by 8,000 times), increase conversions and lower cost per click, resulting in an ROI of 32 times across ticket sales, an 8.3 percent unique click-through rate, a $0.09 average CPC and a 3.7 percent increase in online engagement. More than 50% of all ads achieved social context, and Transmission Events tallied more than new 8,000 page likes, plus thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.
  • YPlan, a social planning application for iOS and Android, used Umbel’s smart data platform to run intelligent Facebook ads to drive installations. The resulting uniquely tailored targeting consistently outperformed Facebook’s standard targeting, driving on average 1,200 percent more installs.
  • Publisher Vox Media uses Umbel’s data visualizations to enhance its mid-campaign and post campaign reporting for advertisers, showing them exactly who the audience is that interacts with their campaigns, and allowing them to create better ads, creative and experiences in order to reach continuously higher benchmarks and engagement goals, primarily on branded content.
  • Circuit of the Americas, an auto-racing track in Austin, Texas, used Umbel’s smart data platform to run intelligent Facebook ads to drive online ticket sales for the 2013 Formula One Grand Prix. COTA said Umbel drove up to 50 percent of all online sales during the 40 days prior to the race, returning six times on its investment.
  • Umbel served as a technology partner of the South by Southwest festival in Austin, allowing hosts of events and parties to create a three-step activation app that provided them with “deep insight” into potential attendees. The company said individual events and parties at SXSW collected more than 56,000 digital genomes (an individual’s full identity data profile) from SXSW.