Ultraviolet Continues To Press Case For Adding Women To Facebook’s Board

By David Cohen 

Women’s group Ultraviolet continued to press its case for Facebook to add women to its board of directors, releasing a new video stating its case.

Ultraviolet, which describes itself as “a new women’s group fighting to expand women’s rights and combat sexism everywhere,” circulated a petition last month to protest the social network’s all-male board, collecting more than 53,000 online signatures and following that up with an April 25 protest outside Facebook’s New York headquarters.

Ultraviolet Co-Founder Shaunna Thomas issued the following statement to accompany the video:

Later this week, in one of the most high-profile and highly anticipated initial public offerings in history, Facebook will become a publicly traded company and make numerous new multimillionaires. Sadly, when this historic event happens, women will not have a seat at the table. Literally. Facebook does not have a single woman on its board.

The fact that a company as large as Facebook with a massive global reach does not have a single woman on its board is nothing short of shameful. Facebook owes its success and makes a ton of money off of its women users. Women are responsible for nearly two-thirds of the sharing that happens on the site. In addition, women account for more than 70 percent of daily fan activity on the site, which is a huge source of revenue for the company. In going public without a single woman represented on the board, Facebook is telling women that they have no future at Facebook.

Readers: Do you think Facebook should diversify its board of directors?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.