Uber Delivers Serenades and Roses for Valentine’s Day

By Cameron Scott 

It’s Katelyn Bogucki’s job to drum up more demand for Uber’s limo and cab services in San Francisco. Today was a fun day for Katelyn, who got to ride around in a limo with driver Walid and a band called Uke Hammer delivering serenades to (mostly) unsuspecting women.

Uber’s Valentine’s Day promotion offered a song and a dozen roses delivered to the user’s special someone with a hand-written card. Cost: $150. Instead of sending a car request directly to the driver, the promotion sent requests to Katelyn in her car or to one of the other Uber staff members riding around in a big fancy car filled with a band and several dozen roses.

Katelyn would then call the person and ask to whom she should address the card on the roses. Soon enough Katelyn and the band were arriving at some unsuspecting woman’s doorstep. (One was on her way out for a run.) Katelyn would give her the flowers and then Uke Hammer would take it away. The hip retro duo consists of Spike Slawson on ukulele and vocals and Randy Burk on percussion and backup vocals.

David Bowie’s “The Prettiest Star” was the hottest number on the playlist.