Twix Plays Facebook Games With Feedbreaker

By David Cohen Comment

What do you get when you mix a candy bar and a classic video game?

Twix tapped Breakout with its biscuit finger (coated in caramel and milk chocolate, naturally) to create Feedbreaker.

The new take on Breakout was developed by Matmi, and it updated the classic game — in which users direct a paddle to keep propelling a ball upward so that It can smash bricks — by turning the paddle into a Twix bar.

In a nod to its social network host, some of the bricks contain the names and pictures of players’ Facebook friends from their news feeds; destroying them (just as in Breakout, they must be hit twice) drops what Twix calls swag.

Swag are falling balloons that change the game by:

  • adding a second ball or paddle
  • expanding the size of the paddle
  • allowing users to catch and release the ball for better targeting
  • introduce the ability to pause the game, or
  • make other alterations to the normal Breakout-style game play.

To the credit of both Twix and Matmi, while the candy branding is front and center, it does not detract from the game play in the least.

Twix says on the Feedbreaker welcome page:

This is an old-school game, rebooted by Twix brand. Enter now and take on your newsfeed in a more playful way. And if you want to make things a little more interesting, send out swag. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your pause. Good luck!

Readers, would a classic video game lure you to Facebook brand pages?