Twitter’s #music Service Connects to iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio

By Devon Glenn 

Twitter has publicly released its new music service, called #music, to bring audio tracks to the Twitter stream. iTunes will supply the song previews, but Spotify and Rdio members can also sign in to listen to whole songs.

Both Spotify and Rdio already connect to Facebook to show members what their friends are listening to.  Connecting through Twitter brings a random assortment of music from the people you follow in the busy street of Twitter to the #NowPlaying section. (The songs don’t show up in the regular Twitter feed until you hit the “compose a Tweet” button.)

SocialTimes’ most prolific connection so far is @YourMomBot, who is playing previews of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Van Morrison, and Christina Aguilera from iTunes while insulting people’s mothers. CrunchFund partner and TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler (@parislemon) brought full tracks by Stereophonics and Pearl Jam over from Rdio.

Each track comes with a follow button for the artist — once you follow a few, the app will add more music in the “suggested” section based on those artists. There’s also a search bar for finding new Twitter handles to follow. Otherwise, the “popular” and “emerging,” or new artist, sections of the app will bring more suggestions from the larger community without a commitment to follow those people.

Available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the  Twitter #music app for iOS is ready for download in the App Store. A web version is available at