Twitter’s Analytics Platform Delivers Free Insights, If You Know Where to Look

By Devon Glenn 

Twitter’s analytics platform is free and open to the public, but it’s hidden in the Twitter Ads section of your settings. You can use the tool to check your follower count and to track how well your Tweets perform.

The Analytics tab in Twitter Ads is divided into two sections: Timeline Activity and Followers. 

The Timeline Activity shows four to six weeks’ worth of data, including follow/unfollow stats and Tweet statistics like Favorites, Retweets, Replies, and click-throughs. You can quickly sort the most engaging Tweets by “good” (top 2/3) and “best” (top 15%). The Followers section includes demographic information on your followers such as gender, location, and interests.


Most of the data can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for your records.

“What’s annoying is that the CSV download contains none of the follow/unfollow data,” wrote SHIFT Communications executive Christopher Penn in his review of the service. “You only get Favorites, Retweets, and Replies, making the use of third party tools like link shorteners still mandatory.”