New From Twitter: Website Cards


By Shea Bennett Comment

New From Twitter: Website Cards

With new-look profile pages, TV targeting and native ads, Twitter has been rolling out new products at a pretty furious pace, and Friday the company launched another tool: Website Cards.

Twitter describes the new card as a “way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a Tweet and drive relevant traffic to any page of their site”. Essentially, it works like a Lead Generation Card, but instead of an email signup you get a direct click through to your website.

New From Twitter: Website Cards

I know what you’re thinking: how is this any different than simply putting a link in a tweet and promoting that? At first glance it would appear the answer would be “it isn’t, really”, but Twitter says that, in beta testing, Website Cards generated better engagement at a significantly lower cost per click (CPC) rate. So, there you go.

Website Cards are rolling out now on both mobile and desktop to all Twitter advertisers around the world – find them in your ad dashboard under Creatives > Cards > Website.

(Source: Twitter.)