Is Twitter Preparing To Get Into The Web Series Game?

By Megan O'Neill 

According to a report from Mike Shields of Adweek, Twitter is “in serious talks about the possibility of launching several original video series via Twitter.”  They already serve as a major platform for the sharing of web video, with over 500 video links being tweeted out every minute, but it looks like they are preparing to take things a step further, with new original video content that will actually live on the site.

Twitter has declined to comment, but several unnamed sources provided Shields with details about the new initiative, including the fact that the first project could be launched as early as this fall. Shields writes, “The original series has been described by sources as similar to MTV reality shows The Real World and The Hills; in fact, one of the producers behind The Hills is said to be behind the project.”

It sounds like we aren’t just talking about typical web series here.  What Twitter has in mind is something that hasn’t been seen before—a revolution in the way online video is discovered and consumed. An “industry insider” told Shields, “We’re talking about building content on top of Twitter.  That’s a big deal.”

It isn’t yet clear how the series will be distributed—through Tweets, alongside Tweets, embedded on branded Twitter pages, or something else entirely—but word has it that the series will be interactive, giving users some control over the content via Tweets.

While the details are still under wraps and Twitter has yet to comment, another industry insider says, “This is real.  This is more than just talk.”  I, for one, really hope this is for real because…come on…how awesome does this sound?!

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