Is Twitter Getting Into The Video Hosting Game?

By Megan O'Neill 

Posting videos to Twitter using third party sites like TwitVid, yFrog and Vodpod may soon become a thing of the past.  Twitter is rumored to be considering building their own video-hosting technology to let users upload and host videos directly on the microblogging site.

Mike Isaac of AllThingsD reports, “Twitter is considering building its own video-hosting technology, according to sources.”  This move follows Twitter’s recent decision to remove support for third-party image hosts, moving image hosting in-house in the most recent updates to their app.

Isaac explains that, “While these video services take some of the heavy lifting off Twitter, they also create difficulties.  For one, Twitter has no control over the changes others make to their products.  Yet often, Twitter must deal with the fallout when these changes occur.”

While it stinks for the third-party apps that have been providing image and video hosting until now, it should also be pointed out that this move simply signifies that Twitter is catering towards what the users want.  More and more users are posting images and video on the site, so why not incorporate these functionalities into the site, instead of storing media helter-skelter all over the web.

Having an in-house video hosting service would also serve to boost Twitter’s promoted tweet offerings, giving brands a more reliable way to serve up media within promoted Tweets.

John Herman of BuzzFeed pointed out, in an article about Twitter’s removal of support for third-party image hosts, that “the change is consistent with Twitter’s gradual transformation into a sort of hybrid platform/media company, and brings the service in line with its closes peers and competitors: images uploaded in Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram’s official apps are hosted on the companies’ respective servers.”

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