Twitter Updates Search, But It Won’t Blow Your Mind

By Mary C. Long 

It’s important to keep up on changes that take place on your favorite platforms. If you don’t,  you’ll log on to show a potential client something one day and risk looking silly – or like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

We know you get busy though and can’t be everywhere at once – so FYI: Twitter updated “search.”

The changes are interesting, though slight. Expect to be underwhelmed by the result.

At first glance, Twitter’s announcement seems ho-hum:

And in this case, your first instinct would be correct.

A search for “comedy” starts out the same as always, offering common search terms and popular accounts:

And when you click for full results, the coolest (and really only different) part about this new search is the ability to sort by people, photos or tweets (on the left):

Actually, that’s a lie. The ability to sort through only the tweets of folks you follow (center, above tweets) is kind of awesome too.

And the photo mashup is worth a scroll the next time you’re searching for something:

And there’s one handy feature that you’ll like appreciate: The ability to delete your Twitter search history.

The NSA will always know the seedy truth behind your searches though, so keep that in  mind. And take care with what you search for in general, else the FBI might come a-knocking at your door.

(Image from Shutterstock)