Twitter Troll Stops When Someone Threatens To Tell His Mom

By Mary C. Long 

Twitter trolls are more than a nuisance some days – just ask Caroline Criado-Perez. The online abuse many suffer pales in comparison to what Criado-Perez experienced, but many (particularly women) are often innocent victims of misogynists in hiding.

So although it’s always awesome when a troll’s true identity is found out, it’s especially sweet when a foul-mouthed keyboard warrior is put in his place when someone discovers his identity and threatens to tell his mom.

According to the Irish Times, the oft-maligned TV historian Mary Beard  “made an appearance on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show. Somebody called Oliver Eric Rawlings . . . tweeted that Mary was a “a filthy old slut” and then went on to make remarks about her body that we won’t repeat.”

Beard now takes quite an aggressive approach on these things. She tends to retweet the message in the hope that the abusers’ friends and family will spot it and realise what a nasty little oik they have welcomed to their hearth.

Liberal Conspiracy reports the show’s host, @TheJeremyVine came to her defense, but Rawlings wasn’t having it:

But then a few things happened pretty quickly.

John Wilson, aka @Tug, suggested forwarding the vile tweets to Rawlings’ mother, which probably made him pretty nervous. Someone who knew his mom had seen his disgusting tweets?!

Nope! It seems the trolling genius had his Twitter profile linked to all kinds of public info.


And suddenly, magically, his tune changed from aggressive to . . . desperate:

He went so far as to delete his Twitter and website, but the damage has been done. His name is everywhere and he really should be embarrassed. Let’s hope some other mean-spirited trolls learn from this and find new hobbies.

Do you feel bad for Oliver or think he got what he deserved?

(Image from Shutterstock)