Twitter Time Warp: Top 5 Presidential Ghosts on Twitter

By katy Comment

Twitter is new — relatively speaking. At least, all Twitter users are new compared to legendary historical figures you read about. But history and Twitter are not incompatible; many creative social media types have found ways to make those important people who are no longer with us come alive again on the internet. The U.S. Presidents are a great example of this. Here are the top 5 former presidents who have intriguing presences on Twitter.

1. Abraham Lincoln. Old Abe Lincoln may have perished in 1865, but he has a whole lot of Twitter personalities going on. The ghostliest is probably @livelincoln, who tweets as if it were 1865. Start following this tweeting iteration of the famous Republican president and you just might get confused what era you’re in. Tweets are released according to what Lincoln-related thing happened on that date in a given year of Lincoln’s life — right now, 1860. And some of them seem eerily timeless, bringing up concerns that don’t seem out of place in a modern presidency.

2. Thomas Jefferson. As another huge figure in American history — “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” anyone? — Thomas Jefferson also has his share of Twitter accounts. I would recommend @ThomasJefferson, who tweets his own quotes straight from Charlottesville, Virginia. Often terse and always wise, his quotes happen to make perfect tweet material.

3. Harry S. Truman. If you want a blast from the past that isn’t quite so antiquated, the presidential Twitter ghost of Truman is a good bet. The most fun part about @PresHarryTruman‘s account is his interactions with other presidents of yore. Just because these presidents were active before the Internet was even conceived doesn’t mean they can’t master the art of the @reply.

4. George Washington. No Presidential ghosts list would be complete without a mention of the cherry tree chopper himself, George Washington, the original commander-in-chief. He positively shines in his @GeoWashington Twitter persona. He does have a tendency to get a little cocky though:

5. John Quincy Adams. And if you want a historical Twitter account that takes the primary sources a little more seriously, @JQAdams_MHS tweets in diary form — one line at a time. John Quincy Adams was the first president to start the family-member trend — follow him on Twitter and you can see if the comparison to the Bushes stops there…. You’ll also see from these diary tweets that the late President was quite social:

What historical figure or President would you most like to follow on Twitter?