Twitter Thrives When Sports Underwhelm: The Funniest Tweets From a Boring March Madness Final

By Anthony Marcusa Comment

One of the many redeeming qualities of Twitter is that when a big event in our culture takes place, and millions watch together and tweet together, should that event let down, Twitter comedy ensues. Hilarity is bred from heartbreak, disappointment, and sheer awfulness; the 2011 Oscars and halftime show at the most recent Super Bowl with the Black Eyed Peas come to mind.Last night, the March Madness championship game joined that group.

UCONN was the big winner last night, but perhaps too the only winners after a poorly played game.

The UCONN men won the college basketball national title game by beating the Butler Bulldogs 53-41 in one of the most un-watchable championships at this level ever. Among the highlights were the mascots, the not-so-subtle hatred of the game by analysts Charles Barkley and others, and trying to guess what CBS’ Jim Nantz would say at the end.

Some good did come of the game: it made those following online a chance to tell jokes and laugh with others in mocking how awful the event was. In chronological order, we have some of the many funny tweets made while watching a thoroughly poorly played and drama-less NCAA March Madness title game. The following tweeters are all involved in covering sports or entertainment, and they all did their part in saving us from having to endure the game alone.Add your own afterwards as we all come together and embrace Twitter as it continue to save us from disappointing national events.


Thank you for breaking 20, Butler.

@HousefromDC House

Have to give it up to Butler & UConn — with all the hype, promotion & commercialism, this is thoroughly amateur basketball.

@TheCousinSal Cousin Sal

The second half over/under is 68. Vegas must be banking on triple OT.

@JayBilas Jay Bilas

Jim Nantz can’t wait to get to Augusta National for the Masters. Someone is guaranteed to post a score at least in the 60’s.

@MatthewBerryTMR Matthew Berry

So this is what it would like if my buddies & I played for a nat’l championship.

@AroundTheHorn Tony Reali

Urkel’s game > This game.

@AroundTheHorn Tony Reali

Scoring at Comic-con > Scoring for UCONN

@kenpomeroy Ken Pomeroy

Butler is 7-of-41 from the field.

(That one wasn’t really a joke, but it still really funny.)

@MatthewBerryTMR Matthew Berry

If this were a game of Horse we’d still be on H.

@TheDailyShow The Daily Show

The last 10 min of #MM2011 OR the first 10 min of TDS? It’s like Sophie’s Choice. If your name is Sophie and you enjoy basketball & comedy.

(A joke that is funnier because at this point it’s not really a hard choice.)

@LeBatardShow Dan LeBatard Show

Butler is shooting 16 percent

@Rfking: Rob King

Benson … Alfred … Cadbury … Mr. Belvedere … Oddjob. #fivebutlersiwouldratherbewatching

@sportsguy33 Bill Simmons

April, 2011: the month that women’s college basketball caught up to men’s college basketball.

@Rfking Rob King

Lead down to eight You could cut the tension with a brick. #ButlerUConn

@JayBilas Jay Bilas

Last time a team was held under 50 points in a title game? 1949. Harry Truman was President, and Jim Calhoun was 6 years old.