Twitter Spoof Lands Writer Great Job

By Mary C. Long 

The next time someone tells you you’re wasting your time composing witty tweets, direct them to this post.

Though there was a bit more to it than meets the eye, no doubt, this writer landed a fantastic gig writing for FOX’s Us & Them and he has a spoof Twitter account to thank for it.

And some writing skill too, of course.


Jack Moore is a “Comedian. Playwright.” and one lucky S.O.B.

He (along with the equally comedic, but apparently less lucky Josh Gondelman) created the wildly popular Modern Seinfeld on Twitter.

Since launching in December of 2012, they’ve accumulated a few followers:

And according to Cinema Blend, the account helped Moore land is new job writing for Us & Them.

Moore recently told THR that the experience of writing on Twitter absolutely helped him to nab the writing gig with Fox.

Us & Them isn’t expected to hit the schedule until midseason, but you can check out Fox’s fall schedule while you wait.

And here are some of the tweets that helped him secure this sweet role.

Are you jealous?

We’re guessing this will result in many too many similarly themed spoof accounts cropping up on Twitter. Please, don’t.

(Image from Shutterstock)