Twitter Sees Rapid Growth of Mobile Ad Revenue

By Cameron Scott 

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Twitter will reach $1 billion in ad revenue in 2014, up from $583 million this year, according to revised estimates from industry analyst eMarketer.

The new numbers have Twitter beating previous eMarketer estimates by 20 percent.

More than half of Twitter’s ad revenue will come from mobile advertising this year in 2013, according to the estimates. By 2015, the company will earn 60 percent of its ad dollars from mobile platforms.

Twitter has proven adept at mobile advertising because all of its ad units form part of its basic product, allowing the company to deploy the ads easily across devices and platforms, eMarketer said.

The microblogging social network has also benefited from the efforts of its competitors, including Google and Facebook, to persuade advertisers to spend more on mobile ads.

In 2011, Twitter saw virtually no advertising revenue from mobile platforms. Last year, it made $138.4 million from mobile ads.