Twitter Responds to Instagram’s Pulled Photos With Filters of Its Own

By Cameron Scott 

twiiter, instagram, photo sharing, photo filters, social networks, social networking, social mediaTwitter added eight filters for photos in iPhone and Android app updates it pushed out today, the company said.

The move comes as an apparent tit-for-tat following Instagram’s move last week to block photos created with its app from displaying in user’s Twitter feed. Earlier today, Instagram unrolled integration with Foursquare and an additional filter.

The Twitter filters are provided through a partnership with Aviary, Twitter said in its announcement. Aviary offers a software development kit for photo editing that is also in use by Box and Yahoo Mail and Flickr.

If the filters work well, Twitter’s move will have struck a blow to Instagram’s core business, for which Facebook paid $1 billion.

Industry analysts were divided on what the launch will meed in the spat over photo-sharing. Michael Gartenberg, a well respected industry analyst, has taken Twitter’s side. ‏

“Not allowing content to flow where users want it to means consumers will choose the service of greater value, which for most users is Twitter,” he tweeted today.

Aaron Gotwalt, who co-founded the Twitter client CoTweet, was dismissive of Twitter’s increasingly go-it-alone strategy.

“Pretty sure the new Twitter photo filters video is in violation of Twitter’s own branding standards. Or it should be,” he said.

But Mike Dudas, who works on mobile commerce at Google, saw the photo war as much ado about nothing.

“Most of the people I know who are active on Instagram don’t use Twitter. Both companies will thrive in photo sharing,” he tweeted.