Twitter Reportedly in Talks to Use Video Content from Viacom, NBC

By Devon Glenn 

Vine was just the warm-up. Twitter will soon be incorporating more videos and ads from television networks, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s sources say that Twitter is in talks to stream videos from Viacom Inc. (the company behind music channels like VH1 and MTV) and run ads alongside them. The San Francisco-based company is also pursuing a content partnership with¬†Comcast Corp.’s¬†NBCUniversal. The companies will split the ad revenue, according to the report.

Specifically, Twitter is looking for news and entertainment content to bring to the microblogging network, which is already optimized for spreading news quickly.

Much of Twitter’s video content currently comes from YouTube, which NBC and other networks use to share clips from their shows on the social network.

Twitter has been solidifying its relationship with television through the acquisition of Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company, and the establishment of Nielsen’s Twitter TV rating, which measures conversations surrounding broadcast television.

Music was next on the list when Twitter acquired the music startup We Are Hunted to build its own music app.

The company also has content partnerships with Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, Weather Channel LLC, and Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

Viacom declined to comment on this story. Spokespersons from Twitter and NBC had previously declined Bloomberg’s request for comment.