Twitter Rolls Out Lightbox Photo Display, More Videos

By Cameron Scott 

twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+, social media, social networksTwitter will allow users to expand photos, watch videos and read conversations from within the main Twitter feed.

Users can now expand photos and view them in a lightbox-style display without leaving their main Twitter feed. The move comes as another tiny escalation of the competitive war over user engagement with photos.

Within individual tweet “cards,” users will also be able to watch videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as those from Twitter’s own mobile app, Vine.

The service does not support videos from apps that compete with Vine for short video-sharing. Twitter is leveraging its stature to attempt to win the emerging video-sharing market with Vine.

Twitter has also simplified the viewing experience for conversations on the site. The display can be reached by clicking “details” below a tweet. Scrolling down on that page displays more replies to the tweet as well as replies to those replies.