Twitter Opens Up Brand Survey Tool to All Advertisers

By Cameron Scott 

Twitter’s tool that allows marketers to measure the effects of promoted tweets is now available for all advertisers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, the company said today.

The tool, developed out of Twitter’s partnership with Nielsen, launched in a limited beta in October. It allows advertisers to conduct surveys through Twitter using Nielsen Brand Effect methodology.

Twitter also released some early metrics from brands who have used the tool in beta showing the effect advertising on Twitter has on brand perception. The company has battled against e-commerce metrics that show that it drives very few purchases. The results today suggest that while purchase conversions may not come directly from Twitter, advertising on the site can boost the public perception of a brand.

The association of a message with a brand rose by more than 20 percent for brands using promoted tweets, for example. Repeated use of promoted tweets offered an additional 10 percent lift in favorable brand perception. And users who engaged with promoted tweets showed a significantly higher “purchase intent” than those who didn’t engage.