Twitter, Facebook Did Not Make Fast Company’s List of Innovative Companies

By Devon Glenn 

Fast Company today released its annual list of the 50 most innovative companies. While smaller social networks like Pinterest made the cut, Facebook and Twitter were noticeably absent this year. Why?

“Neither produced innovations worth celebrating,” wrote the Fast Company staff, the key words being “worth celebrating.”

Both companies launched new initiatives in the last year, but Facebook’s copycat product Poke failed to impress, while Twitter’s photo filters were also deemed unoriginal. Facebook’s Graph Search didn’t appear until January 2013, past the 2012 deadline, and there was no mention of Twitter’s TV rating.

Other companies this year brought new business models and that special “ethos of creativity” that the editors were looking for. In the social arena, comedian Louis C.K. sold his comedy directly to fans, Airbnb made bed and breakfasts look sexy (in people’s apartments, no less), and Tumblr may have been the first social network to do advertising right.

But the Facebook and Twitter teams shouldn’t worry too much. The Fast Company staff acknowledged that most companies don’t make the list more than once.

(We’d share all the social nets on this list, but the artwork in this article is so beautiful, you should really see it for yourself.)

Image by Sergey Nivens.