Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Seems Cool With 10,000 Character Tweets

By Justin Lafferty Comment


The big news in the Twittersphere Tuesday was the possibility of Twitter moving way, way beyond its signature 140-character limit.

The new rumored limit? 10,000 characters. But only 140 would show up on first viewing, to save people from a clogged timeline.

While Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t confirm or deny such reports, a tweet sent Tuesday afternoon shows that Dorsey is definitely open to changing the character limit.

Dorsey shared a screenshot of a note:

While Dorsey is open to longform tweets, Twitter users seem torn. Analysis from Brandwatch shows that sentiment about #Twitter10k is 54 percent positive, 46 percent negative.

Brandwatch also ran a Twitter poll, asking followers how they feel about potential 10,000-character tweets. Early reactions are markedly negative:


Readers: What do you think of expanding the character limit on Twitter?