Twitter App Updates Boost Support for Photo-Sharing, Multiple Accounts

By Cameron Scott 

Twitter released updates to its iOS and Android apps today that allow users to preview their tweets, including a full preview of a photo and their avatar and user name.

The new workflow helps users who tweet from multiple accounts keep track of which account they’re using. Users can toggle between accounts by tapping the corresponding avatars.

The update is also intended to ease photo-sharing on the originally text-only social platform. Twitter has reduced the number of steps required to share a photo from a mobile device’s camera roll from within the mobile app. Users can now access that feature by clicking a photo icon in the bottom right corner of the tweet composition box.

“With fewer steps needed to share photos, you can more easily share what’s going on in your life and quickly return to marveling over that gorgeous sunset,” said software engineer Misha Lushin.

In its announcement, Twitter included a pitch for users to share their location within tweets, although there are no changes to the feature that allows users to choose whether or not to include their location in each tweet from the composition interface.

“Tagging your location is a handy way to save characters and provide context,” Lushin said. It’s also a great source of information about users for the social marketers who pay Twitter’s bills.