Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs


By Shea Bennett

Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs

This is either very, very good news, or very, very bad news, depending on how you feel about moving pictures on the internet: animated GIF images are now supported on Twitter.

The announcement came courtesy of the official Twitter @Support account, which took the opportunity to make fun of the whole GIF/JIF pronunciation fiasco.

Animated GIFs will also be supported in Twitter’s API, which means they should start to appear on third party apps soon as well. Of note: animated GIFs in embedded tweets (for example, on a website – see above) don’t autoplay, but instead require a click to start. Wonder if that was a conscious decision?

This is an interesting move from Twitter and one that stands in polar opposite to Facebook’s position on animated GIFs (they’re firmly against), but the media format has, despite the odds, become hugely popular in recent years, particularly on platforms such as Reddit and Tumblr, and it might actually prove to be a feather in Twitter’s cap.

Or, it might completely ruin Twitter for you. In which case, there’s really only one response.

Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs