TweetDeck’s Facebook Integration Ends May 7

By Justin Lafferty 

Pretty soon, TweetDeck users will not be able to manage their Facebook accounts. TweetDeck announced Friday that it will shutter its Facebook integration, as well as its AIR, Android, and iPhone applications, May 7.

TweetDeck previously announced the end of these programs in March, but didn’t give a set end date. The company announced the expiration date in a blog post Friday. The blog post barely mentions Facebook integration:

TweetDeck is the most powerful Twitter tool for tracking real-time conversations. Its flexibility and customizable layout let you keep up with what’s happening on Twitter, across multiple topics and accounts, in real-time. To continue to offer a great product that addresses your unique needs, we’re going to focus our development efforts on our modern, Web-based versions of TweetDeck. To that end, we are discontinuing support for our older apps: TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android, and TweetDeck for iPhone. They will be removed from their respective app stores in early May and will stop functioning shortly thereafter (see update). We’ll also discontinue support for our Facebook integration.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on building a fast and feature-rich Web application for modern browsers, and a Chrome app, which offers some unique features like notifications. We’ve recently introduced many enhancements to these apps –– a new look and feel, tools like search term autocomplete and search filters to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly, and automatically updating tweet streams so you immediately see the most recent tweets. Our weekly Web releases have been possible because we’ve nearly doubled the size of the TweetDeck team over the past six months (and we’re still hiring).

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