Is Your Website In Need Of A ‘Tweak’?

By Mary C. Long 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.16.12 AMSay you’re the Queen (or King) of Social Media. You’ve got your Facebook page all set up, with posts scheduled for the next two weeks (yeah, you’re that organized). You’re the Tweetmaster General, wrangling lengthy phrases into 140-character bombs of wit. Your Instagram is a kaleidoscope land of visual teases. And your Vines are shared across the universe by all of your adoring fans.

But when all of your loyal followers, subscribers, customers click the link directing them to your website, they arrive to find a website that it’s kind of… meh.

Yeah, you need to fix that.

Did you forget that all of that social media maneuvering is meant to drive traffic back to your business’ website so you can, you know, sell things? It’s harder to do that if your site – the virtual hub of your business – is lacking.

“But I’m an entrepreneur!” you argue, “Not a Web designer!” And really kickin’ websites can be costly, which is why you went with a DIY platform in the first place, and they all have their limitations. What’s a social media monarch to do?

Enter Tweaky, your Web design knight in shining armor. Tweaky offers a variety of customization packages to give your website the bells and whistles your customers expect. All those extras that are either not offered by your Web hosting service, or are beyond your skill set to create, are available a la carte through Tweaky, at very reasonable prices (services start at $39).

Some of the offerings are geared to specific Web design platforms, which is great if you use those and need help. Of course, you can simply tell Tweaky what you’re looking for, and they’ll send you a quote.

Given that your website is the backbone of your online business, investing in its design and functionality is critical, whether you use Tweaky or someone else. Just be sure you know what need, so you don’t wind up with too much style and not enough substance.